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Ideation, Research, Personas, Dashboards. I work to understand goals, identify problems, and define purposes for why we make the things we make.


Quick and Rapid Software Development using Technologies like MeteorJS | Ionic | Angular | Drupal. Hybrid app development, leveraging one code base for desktop, iOS and Android applications.

Javascript Expert

I specializes in crafting modern JavaScript based web & mobile applications that are fast, flexible, and provide significant benefits for both users and developers.


Interaction, Branding, Application, Web Design, Responsive Mobile Design, UI, HTML / CSS, Javascript. Realtime, Full-Stack, Deployment, Performance, Monitoring, Mobile App Development using Ionic | Titanium | Meteor.

Hello, I am Sumit K...

My interest lie in design and implement services and products that do solve real world problems, tools that could make life easier for people. I have been open source software specialist and strategist for 8 years focusing majorly on the Drupal CMS, MeteorJS (2013), AngularJS (2013), Meteor-Drupal(CMS) integration, Angular-Drupal integration and Mobile App development using Titanium and Famo.us platforms. I have build more than 25 iPhone/iPad/Android/Web, social-networking/e-commerce/ media apps. In past I have worked with Verizon, Intel, Popcornapps, Lullabot, CommerceGuys and CivicActions building several large-scale Drupal-integrated mobile apps/ websites, including the Kickstart mobile commerce, Drupalize.Me and Do It With Drupal conference app/sites.

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Drupal Development


AngularJS | Ionic


MeteorJS | React | Reactive Web


Computer Science

The works I am proud of

Teaching with iPad How-To

Author of PacktPub Book about use of iPad in teaching.

Use your iPad creatively for everyday teaching tasks in schools and universities with this book and ebook.

CommerceGuys - Commerce Mobile


Commerce Guys, creators of Drupal Commerce and the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal, announces the launch of Commerce Mobile—a native mobile app that brings engaging online shopping experiences to consumers on any iOS mobile device. The new native app integrates quickly and seamlessly with established Drupal Commerce websites, creating one unified backend to eliminate the need for redundant maintenance.

Forrester Research’s U.S. Mobile Retail Forecast, 2012-2017, projects that smartphone commerce will grow to a $31 billion industry by 2017, representing nine percent of all eCommerce sales. Commerce Mobile quickly creates a branded mobile shopping experience that reaches this growing market.

The migration to mobile Web browsing and mobile shopping is an undeniable facet of modern eCommerce, and consumers increasingly expect a great experience across platforms,” said Scott Dahlgren, Managing Director, North America. “With Commerce Mobile, we bring all of the functionality of established Drupal Commerce stores to mobile shoppers with full, ongoing support to ensure engagement and flexible functionality is not sacrificed on mobile platforms.

Commerce Mobile connects the app’s functionality with existing eCommerce sites. Content from the site automatically adapts to suit the screen of mobile shoppers’ phones or tablets. Furthermore, the new app connects user accounts so a customer’s cart and order history is synchronized between the two channels seamlessly.
Other features of Commerce Mobile include:

  • Product browsing through taxonomy catalog or faceted search
  • Product displays with full attribute support
  • Shopping cart management and simple wish list to synchronize shopping carts
  • Login/account management and viewed products and search history browsing
  • Front-page dashboard with image slider for promoting deals, content or products
  • Forum-based support for the app

Drupalize.Me iOS Android Apps


Drupalize.Me iPhone, iPad and Roku apps.

Easy-to-view chapters on a wide range of topics let you learn what you want, where and when you want. All videos are high-definition and look crisp and clear no matter where you're watching them! We use an adaptive bitrate technology to allow for random-access video streaming over 3G mobile and slower DSL connections. Additionally, we use a global video content delivery network which ensures that visitors from anywhere in the world can start watching the high-quality video content immediately. All videos are also HTML5 compatible and will play on your iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device.

This app provides Drupalize.Me members with great features like:

  • Access the entire Drupalize.Me library on the go
  • Browse and manage your personal video queue
  • Search videos by terms - Find related videos
  • Browse videos by category

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